22 August 2010

600.000 friends milestone reached on Facebook

Yes it happened today. The first milestone has been reached on PVD's facebook page: 600.000 people added Paul as friend on the most important social network.
This means that 5 lucky persons got their signed copied of the Gatecrasher Anthems compilation.
This is not meaning that we should stop spreading the word about this.
There are still 400.000 friends needed in order to be able to listen the PVD set from WE ARE ONE festival.
Let's hope that the final milestone will be reached until september 11th.
Remember: you can be part of this too.
Add Paul as friend on Facebook, or if you already did it, spread the word amongst your friends.
Together WE ARE ONE.

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Anonymous said...

Paul van Dyk - VONYC SESSIONS 209 - 26.08.2010

Guestmix by Lexy and K-Paul