10 August 2010

A few words about VONYC SESSIONS tracklists

Hello everyone,

If you read the comments on the VONYC SESSIONS 206 post, you will notice that someone tells us that we are not fair to the members of tranceaddict.com, as all the tracklists for VONYC SESSIONS are taken from there.
We understand that this is not an easy work, but we are not sure we must be blamed for not giving credits to tranceaddict.
If you notice, for the latest 10? episodes of VONYC SESSIONS the tracklists have been posted by our users as comments (e.g. for VONYC SESSIONS 206 the tracklist have been posted by someone as comment).
When the blog staff was taking tracklists from tranceaddict.com , we have always mentioned this fact.
However, to have anyone happy from now on, all the tracklists for VONYC SESSIONS will be credited with a TRANCEADDICT link, no matter how they get to us.

It is normal to respect the TA members work and we never intended to "steal" anything from anyone. Notice that both the user who brought VS206 tracklist and the one that complains about credits for TA are anonymous.
This means that our blog is opened for any opinion, good or bad.
This blog has no commercial or gain purposes, it is just a community for PVD fans as it is stated in its title.


Anonymous said...

Can someone please ID track 7 on session 204?

thank you

- Ariel - said...

Keep the good work up!
It's nice to always find the tracklist asap!
We all know you just do it for the cause.. bbye