29 November 2010

Zimmer Frei with Paul Van Dyk- A show that you can't afford to miss

We all know that Paul is the best dj on the planet. He proved this so many times, that no more words are necessary to confirm it. What many of us dont know yet is that Paul is great too when it comes about entertainment outside the stage.
The Zimmer  Frei show on the german tv channel WDR, which was broadcasted last night exploited very well the human side of Paul.
 So if you want to see and hear him singing "Hang the DJ" or playing Human Packman with an round yellow helmet on the top of his head you should watch this show.
You can also find out many things about Paul's private life and his passions (e.g. riding horses)
The show is in german of course, but it is very nice to watch anyway.
As we dont know how long will the recorded show stay on WDR site, you should hurry up and watch it.
You can do so by clicking here.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks!!! This is an amazing blog! And the TV show was so funny, although I do not know German!