16 December 2010

Happy Birthday Paul!

They say a genius is born once in 200 years.

240 years ago, on December 16th 1770, Ludwig Van Beethoven was born in the german city called Bonn.
He revolutioned the music of his era and created for the posterity masterpieces of classic music.

201 years later, in the same country, the wonderful Germany, in a small city called Eisenh├╝ttenstadt, another music genius was seeing the light of the day.
The boy was called  Matthias Paul but today we all know him as Paul Van Dyk.

With an impressive discography and an more impressive gig agenda each year, Paul is definetly a modern Beethoven, a revolutionary in discovering new sounds and creating masterpieces of electronic music.

Because today is Paul's birthday, in the name of all the people that love him and his music and which are visiting this blog, we wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY and we transmit him our love and appreciation, that will last as much as we will be able to enjoy one of the best things created ever on Earth: electronic music.


ravegirl:cro said...

Happy birthday to him.. ♥PvD 4life♥

Anonymous said...

Paul van Dyk - Vonyc Sessions 225 - 16.12.2010

Guestmix by Dan Marciano


Anonymous said...

It was an awesome session!