27 March 2011

Are you ready for EVOLUTION?

EVOLUTION IS COMING – VANDIT Night 29.04.2011 – Paul van Dyk and Marcus Schossow – Astra Berlin

EVOLUTION Is Coming: Paul van Dyk will present brand new tracks from his upcoming album at the next VANDIT Night at Astra , Berlin.
Between Easter eggs and Mayday, April reveals another highlight: Paul van Dyk strikes the Astra Club in Berlin. The long-awaited next VANDIT Night is on April 29th and is themed „EVOLUTION Is Coming.“
PvD fans should be curious since two sneak previews occur on Berlin‘s VANDIT Night. Brand new tracks from Paul van Dyk‘s upcoming album „Evolution“ will be presented, as well as a glimpse of the Evolution tour, which starts later this year. Evolution will set new standards related to sound, stage design and visuals.
Special guest Marcus Schössow accompanies Paul at the turntables on Berlin’s VANDIT Night and brings the best of Swedish progressive house and trance. Schössow is a star in the European electronic music scene and has recently collaborated on one of Paul‘s new tracks. He‘s remixed tracks for DJs such as „Sander van Doorn“ and „Luetzenkirchen“ and was also ranked „Most Popular Nordic DJ“ in 2008 and 2009.
Before VANDIT Night begins, selected members of „I’m With the DJ“ will have the opportunity for a special album-listening. Paul van Dyk will host a small get-together and present his new tracks, discussing their background, inspirations and origins .
Be certain to arrive at Astra early, as all guests will be offered a listen to the new „Radio NRJ Mastermix“ CD before the DJ sets begin. Paul mixed the second CD of this series‘ latest compilation, available in April. During this time, fans will also have the chance to get their CDs autographed by Paul.

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