21 April 2011


Dear readers,

I've never mentioned this before but I think it is time to do it now.
Please do not post download link for products that can bring direct financial damage to Paul Van Dyk, Vandit Records or any other entity.Those links will be removed.
This blog has the main meaning of being a source to listen to the VONYC SESSIONS radio show in case you missed it on your local radio station.
It also is a easy to access VS archive for the collectors.
As VONYC SESSIONS is not sold in retail or e-commerce shops, posting download links for it doesnt harm PVD or any other artists included.
On the other hand, posting download links for compilations, albums, ep's or any other materials sold officially on any site is causing prejudices to the artists and might lead to the immediate closing of this blog.



Serg said...

OK, sorry...

vonycsessions said...

It's ok Serg :). Google is watching the blog very closely.If you watch carefuly you will see that there are past episodes of VONYC SESSIONS that were removed by them. For those episodes a copyright claim has been raised by one of the featured artists.

Robert said...

Definitely agree with you. However I don't understand the reason of removing the VS sets recently.
Regards, Robert