12 December 2010

VONYC SESSIONS 2010- The ultimate compilation that YOU MUST HAVE!

VONYC Sessions is more than a radio show. It's a weekly highlight, giving electronic dance music junkies their fix of quality music for over 6 years already. Hosted by internationally acclaimed DJ/producer Paul van Dyk, VONYC Sessions is an understanding that goes far beyond 2 hours of tunes spun together. It's your direct connection with everything happening down the clubs, showcasing new and talented electronic artists and covering all styles - trance, house, progressive, techno, electro, dance and all else that keeps the beloved beat going.
The same diversity unfolds on 'VONYC Sessions 2010', the second compilation based on the global phenomenon by Paul van Dyk. All of the stand-out tracks of this past years, road-tested all across the planet and favoured by the radio show fans, are gathered on this 2 disc ride of 2010 memories.  Handpicked and mixed by Paul van Dyk himself, VONYC Sessions 2010 presents masterpieces by the likes of Giuseppe Ottaviani, Filo & Peri, Arty, DJs United, Spencer & Hill, Michael Woods, Pryda, Strobe, Jerome Isma-Ae and many other EDM virtuosi.
Stand by for an unforgettable VONYC Session!   
If you pre-order on iTunes now, you’ll get VONYC Sessions 2010 for the special price of €9,99! After the pre-order is over, the album will go back to its normal price, so be sure to order it now!
source: www.paulvandyk.com


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